5 Things To Consider For Your Quick Cooking Blog For Students

February 22, 2019
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If you loved cooking and made it your aim to create a blog out of it you’re probably on the right path to making it big in the blogging world! With numerous students living independently in the UAE because of their universities and colleges, cooking blogs are bound to be pages they visit most!

Students enrolled in the best universities seldom have enough time to cook extensive cuisines and prepare three-course meals! Like all students, they’re looking for ways to create the best possible food in the least possible time.

If you're heading your cooking blog site that has quick recipes for students, you’ll need all sorts of help with generating the right audience for it! This article aims to highlight how you can design a cooking blog site that attracts and benefits students all around the UAE!

What to consider for quick cooking blog

You may have thought creating a blog would be the final step towards success. However, maintaining a blog is more difficult and requires due diligence regarding different aspects. Read below to know what you need to consider when creating your quick cook blog for students!

Pay attention to website performance

According to stats, 40% of users will exit websites that don’t load within three seconds, and why not! It may not be very fair to your website, but then again with so many competitors in the market, you’ve got to keep the performance of your website optimal.

Since you’re dealing with food recipes, you'll probably need to upload high-resolution images. Because how else would your viewers know what they're cooking! Choose for high-quality images but ensure that sizes aren't so large as to affect the performance of your site.

Simplify the navigation

Students have a hard time browsing through notes let alone browsing cooking blog site that has confusing navigation! Simplify the navigation for your site! The easiest way to go by it is by creating categories and classes. E.g., classify your recipes like desserts, burgers, sandwiches to shorten the time they need to access a particular recipe!

To make navigation easier also include, a search bar in your cooking blog so the students can jump straight to the recipe they’re looking for saving them the time they spend going through your site.

Show the best content!

Every website has a few pages that attract the most visitors. In case your website has a recipe that your visitor's love makes it easier for visitors to locate it on your website. When a new visitor sees the number of “likes” on the recipe is bound to look through the rest of the site and look for other helpful recipes!

Use SEO techniques to optimize your content whether it’s the pictures or your content! You’re bound to get more visitors and your page will be ranking high on search engines!

Sell your content! Make it presentable

No one likes to browse through a site with tacky designing and presentation no one bothers about the quality of content you're putting up if the design elements on your website aren't high quality! Though it might hurt, visitors have a better option to look through. Why bother with a blog site with a web design that’s pre-Cambrian!

Opt for high-quality templates and color schemes that are sure to attract visitors to your website! As for your content, use proper headings and subheadings. Since students are simply browsing through the websites due to a lack of time, it’s important to include catchy headings that are bound to attract a lot of attention from visitors.

Opt for mobile-friendly version

Everyone likes to access the internet over their handheld devices now! Opt for a mobile-friendly version of your site and allow your visitors to grow by each serving.

Take Away

Due to a shortage of time, students don’t really have time to read through multiple pages to decide what they want to cook.  The website you create should be optimized to function according to the student's needs.

Use the tips above to create a website your students will love or hire expert website designing company services in Dubai to create a professional blog for you! With experts taking over the job your site is sure to attract student visitors by the handful every day

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