6 Features Gen Z Wants In Your Ecommerce Store Website

February 28, 2019

The future is all about Generation. By the year 2019, Generation Z will make up about 2.47 billion people about 32% of the global population. Interestingly enough they also make up a huge chunk of consumers choosing to shop online. The overlap may be a little blurred, but youth within the teens to early twenties make up Gen Z.

According to a study, the youth (under 24) make up almost half the regional population of the UAE. Dominant trends in the population include; the frequent use of social media apps, eating patterns and lifestyles and most importantly the Gen Z shopping trends. There is a huge difference between the choices of Gen Z and Millennials…

The difference in shopping trends has brought to light the importance of the best online shopping experiences and interactive services that attract Gen Z. If you're an ecommerce store hoping to target Gen Z with your online store, you’ve got to make an impression! Choose experts in ecommerce solutions for your work. While you're at it, use the article below to know how you can attract Gen Z with your ecommerce website!

Features Gen Z Wants In Your Ecommerce Store Website

Ecommerce store shopping trends Gen Z wants:

There's a lot that can be done on online stores, to encourage shoppers to shop from you. But if you're focusing on Gen Z shopping trends, you need to go one step ahead with your ecommerce site. Gen Z has different expectations from online stores and shops. The following article takes into account these expectations and highlights how they can be fulfilled. Read on to know more:    

Target mobile platforms

There's hardly any individual in Gen Z who does not own a handheld device today. Old digital marketing strategies are no longer useful, so there's a need to create engaging material to attract them.

There is a requirement for responsive designs to be able to cater to different types of screens. Also, voice search has also become an ecommerce fad. No one has the time to look for products, and all you need to do is use speech to get to the product!

Incorporate next-generation social media

Target next-generation social media with your ecommerce website! Where Millennials were more focused on browsing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Gen Z is focused on mobile-based apps such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Use informal tones in your content and your social media profile links to cater to Generation Z. Also, celebrity endorsements matter to the next generation, so ecommerce solutions should incorporate testimonials and reviews from these celebs and use promotions that target Gen Z celeb-idols.

Highlight deals

Everyone loves a good sale!  Use discount coupons and codes, sales and deals to entice consumers. You could also use social media celebrities to sell discounted merchandise. To avoid confusion, opt for a separate section on your site that focuses on deals, sales, and vouchers. Gen Z is sure to love what you have on offer!

Be aware, socially

Everywhere you look, Gen Z individuals are busy in social welfare projects. Opt for a social aspect for your business to attract more individuals. Whether it’s a weekly discussion on a social issue, or creating a section for donations targeting different charities! In addition, you can always let your customers know that a part of their sales has been donated to a charity! That’s shopping therapy with a plus!

Customized options

With so many eclectic styles Gen Z is using nowadays, there are just no standards you can use to please them. If you're a retail apparel store, allow them to mix and match while they’re browsing through your site. If you sell accessories for handheld device allow them to create a look for their handheld device using the mobile cover you’re offering!

Personalized experience

Personalized experiences matter to Gen Z which is why it's important to allow a certain personalized aspect on your site! Personal replies in the comments section can also contribute significantly to the customer's interest! After all, everyone loves good customer service!

Take away

The growth and the shopping trends of Gen Z show that it’s time to set your old school strategies ablaze! And incorporate trending features that Gen Z is subconsciously looking for in an ecommerce site!

If you want to play it right with the next generation shoppers, incorporate the features above in your ecommerce site or opt for experts in ecommerce website solutions Dubai and reach out to Gen Z all around the world!

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